New: music from the Silk Road

22 februari 2010 om 12:15 am | In English Posts, Turkije | 16 Reacties

My own composition “Anatolia” based on samples of the oldest available recordings of traditional Turkish music. The samples are taken from the traditional song called “Bakmiyor cesmi siyah“. The video is a compilation of the pictures we took in Turkey. Hereby the link

Back Home

21 oktober 2008 om 10:59 am | In English Posts, Na de reis | 22 Reacties


Just a quick update from us, back home for about two months now. The first weeks were a bit strange and we found it hard to get back to the working-life rhythm.
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Article AkzoNobel News & Views


Intrepid traveler André Koster reflects on his six months on the road driving along the old Silk Road route from the Netherlands to China.
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14 augustus 2008 om 8:08 am | In English Posts, Kazachstan, Marco Polo | 21 Reacties


At this moment we are ‘chilling’ in Almaty. Of all the cities we have visited during our  trip, this is the most ‘Western’ one we have been to since we left Athens. The city is full of hip restaurants and all the expensive brands can be found here. Not just clothing, but also the famous parfume-houses, western furniture shops, like IKEA and even your favourite Villeroy and Boch toilet can be bought here. 

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Other Media

15 juli 2008 om 2:48 pm | In English Posts, china | 10 Reacties


Hereby the next article of Akzo Nobel’s ‘News & Views’ on our Silk Road trip:


They’ve traveled more than 23,000 kilometers, driven at a height of 4,000 meters and taken in excess of 25,000 photographs (around a tenth of which they’ve saved) – and now they’ve finally reached China.

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The infamous Torugart Pass

12 juli 2008 om 4:44 pm | In English Posts, Kyrgystan, china | 22 Reacties

We made it! We made it into China through what is supposed to be one of the most difficult border-crossings into China (not to mention Tibet which is just impossible!). I just wonder: Why is this border so (in)famous? For sure, in the early days it was because of the rugged nature (the pass is 3574m high) and the extreme weather conditions that can change any minute. Or did they, back then, also have these inefficient, customer UNfriendly border officials?
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We zijn in CHINA - We made it to CHINA

11 juli 2008 om 3:35 pm | In English Posts, Speldenprikjes, china | 14 Reacties

We zijn, via de beruchte Torugart pas (3574m), in Kashkar, China aangekomen. Morgen meer informatie, maar we wilden jullie in ieder geval niet onthouden dat we het verste land van onze reis hebben bereikt!

We have arrived in Kashkar, China after crossing the (in)famous Torugart Pass (3574m).
More info tomorrow, but we at least wanted to let you know we at least reached the furthest country of our trip!

Other media

28 juni 2008 om 6:37 am | In English Posts | 8 Reacties


For every one following our trip: coming monday night we are live on Dutch Radio again. It’s on Radio 1, “Weg met BNN” , the program is from 20:00 until 21:00 . I hope we have  mobile connection in the Kyrgyz Mountains, otherwise it will remain silent…..

 Akzo Nobel’s News and Views online magazine has also published another article on our trip, here is the text….

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12 juni 2008 om 7:01 am | In English Posts, Oezbekistan | 18 Reacties

Walk through the streets of Tashkent and you will experience an interesting mix of Russian, Asian and European culture. The city is the largest of Central Asia and because of its broad avenues is spread out over a large area. It doesn’t seem to have a real city center at least, we couldn’t find it. We liked the many trees and all the parks, it’s really a green city.

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